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How local movers charge for moving:

  • Local movers base their estimates for local moving on an hourly rate.
  • The time billed should begin when they arrive at your home and end when they are finished unloading and assembling everything.
  • Local movers allow 30 minutes to arrive at your origin and 30 minutes to return from your destination to our dispatch location.

How to choose a moving company for your local move:

  • Spend some time talking with each local mover. It’s a good sign if they take the time to understand your moving needs, ask questions.
  • A professional local mover is sure to perform your moving more efficiently and protect your belongings, which will ultimately save you money.
  • Look for reviews about the local moving company on the internet.

What to look out for when calling a local mover:

  • Choose a local moving company best suited for your moving based on the above criteria not the hourly price.
  • The lowest hourly rate on a local move is not necessarily the lowest final price. Bad or slow movers will cost you more in the long run.
  • Watch out for hidden costs. Ask what may be required to pay?
  • Do not use a broker just ask, are you a broker?
How to keep cost down on a local move:
  • Local movers will take the time to provide you with advice about other cost-saving measures like moving tips, packing tips and coupons.
  • Being flexible with your moving date will help you get a better price. Try to move Monday through Thursday as it can be cheaper.
  • Having your friends move you in a rented truck may seem to be the lowest cost option, but ask anyone who moved themselves and most will say they wish they had hired a moving company.
  • Sort and dispose of any unneeded items through garage sales, donations to charitable organizations or gifts to friends and family.
  • Pack areas you don’t use often such as basements and garages.
  • Consider moving some of the smaller items yourself.


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